Young Pioneers

SportsArt & Young Pioneers ~ Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Young People Globally.

Young Pioneers is committed to showing young people around the world that it’s Cool to Care; for yourself, others and the wider world. Through their groundbreaking education and training program, vulnerable and neglected young people are learning lifelong skills on how to overcome adversity, be successful and lead change.

Together, SportsArt and Young Pioneers are working toward a global corporate social responsibility effort that will improve the health and wellbeing of young people around the world; and protect the environment for future generations. SportsArt ECO-POWR™ green technology product line and Young Pioneers national health MOT program combine environmental responsibility into building a healthy and active future for young people. We believe that Exercise = Social Good.


SportsArt & ECOFIT™ – The Industry’s First and Only Fully Integrated ECO-Solution

scan.pngECOFIT™ is a technology system for fitness centers designed to embrace members more fully, track activity, automate asset management and provide data feeds. ECOFIT™ media displays real time green energy output along with historical leader boards showing top power producers of the day, week and month. In addition, the system lets users track exercise metrics conveniently on both the member app and member site. All SportsArt cardiovascular equipment is specifically designed to integrate the ECO-Link board and transmitter. ECOFIT™ supplies RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards incorporating a chip that transmits information about the member when touched on a card reader. Alternatively, ECOFIT™ smartphone apps are available for iPhone and Android. Included in the app is a QR code scanner. QR (Quick Response) codes are effectively barcodes that can accommodate more detailed information and are supplied as stickers. Simple. Elegant. Effective.