SportsArt is the pioneer in green systems that harness the power of bikes and ellitpcials and puts it back into the grid.  Our latest line of green system bikes and ellitpcials, ECO-POWR™, have taken the technology to the next level.  Now the micro-inverters are housed inside the shrouds so there are no extra cords or boxes to manage.  Simply plug the bikes and ellitpcials into the wall, and the excess energy goes back into the facility’s power grid.

When combined with the ECOFIT system, members can track their power production leaderboards, win prizes (and bragging rights).  Many programs can be built around ECO-POWR by the facility, such as “power savings” where member’s fees are reduced by the amount of energy produced, etc.  The best part of the system is its simplicity.  They do not look much different than our standard bikes and ellitpcials and are extremely easy to set up to start capturing that energy being produced every hour.


Take spin class to a whole new level of energy and competition.  Utilizing the same technology from our ECO-POWR™ bikes and ellitpcials, SportsArt brings the first ever “power to the grid” spinning bike system, POWR-GROUP™.  The excess energy from the group class will be put back onto the facility’s grid.  Compete against your classmates as you see who can put the most energy back into power grid on the ECOFIT powered tracking screen.  Separate your spin classes from the competition with SportsArt POWR-GROUP™ spin bikes. 


  • G510


SportsArt is introducing three new consoles:  a tri-color LED console, a 7” touchscreen, and a 15” touchscreen interface.  All new 75 Series consoles will come standard with a 3 speed fan.

Tri-Color LED
Perfect for budget minded facilities who don’t need any bells and whistles.

7” Touchscreen
Intuitive user interface with a full color experience built from the ground up on a TFT 800x480 resolution screen.

15” Touchscreen
Same great user interface on large, full color TFT 1024x768 with integrated TV tuner, iPod/Android connectivity, and internet connected apps.


  • G872
  • G862


  • G572R
  • G572U