Technical Description

ActivZone™ - Illustrates which muscle groups are being worked during various phases of training.

Adjustable Stride - SAF was the first company in the entire fitness industry to offer adjustable stride length, dual-action ellipticals.

CardioAdvisor™ - Illustrates target heart rates for weight loss and cardio training, along with real time actual heart rate.

ComfortDri™ - An open air back seat that allows cooling air to your back while not collecting and holding sweat against you.

FlowTec™ - A cooling system that moves air through the inside of the motor and gently blows it back over the heat sync enclosed motor. It is also a cleaning system that picks up 80% of the particulates that get deposited under the hood of all treadmills.

Heart Rate Control - The machine will vary speed or resistance to keep the user in the desired heart rate range by reading your heart rate from a wireless chest strap.

MyFlex™ - A high performance cushioning system with the unique ability to deliver a proportional cushioning effect, regardless of user weight. MyFlex™ carries a lifetime warranty.

SafeStart™ - Treadmills equipped with SafeStart™ feature a safer 0.1 mph starting speed, instead of the 0.5 mph speed found on many treadmills. SafeStart™ makes treadmills easier and safer for deconditioned users or those rehabbing from an injury.

SDS™ Shock Dissipation System - A treadmill deck cushioning system that is designed to absorb heel strike impact for a softer landing.

Shift-on-the-fly - Many SAF products feature the ability to shift from one program to the next while training - with no need to restart or input new data.

Step-through Design - All SAF recumbent cycles and XTrainers feature step-through access - a low profile shroud with little or no step-over height, which allows all users to easily access the machine.

Touch-N-Go™ Programs - Green means go. All of the green buttons or any programs with a green border around them are a Quick Start button, just push and go.

Vari-Stride™ - A unique elliptical program that varies stride length throughout the workout, allowing users to target multiple muscle groups for maximum training results.

ZoneTrainer™ - A custom heart rate program that lets the user choose a specific heart rate training target. Once chosen, the machine will adjust (speed, incline, or resistance, depending on the unit) to keep training at the desired heart rate.