Relearning to walk and remaining physically active are important rehabilitation goals for individuals with weakness, numbness or balance problems and those recovering from a disabling injury or illness. To regain the ability to walk, thousand of task-specific repetitions are required to achieve lasting neuroplasticity gains. Often these individuals face barriers due to the lack of equipment that appropriately accommodates the needs of compromised muscles.

Developed at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital and Research Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska, ICARE is a fully-integrated system that provides a safe, effective method for assisting patients with neuromuscular disorders resulting from stroke, TBI, partial SCI, and other injuries or diseased. The controlled assistive rehab design frees clinicians from hours of strenuous manual manipulation and expands patient access to assistive technology, allowing them to improve their walking and cardiovascular fitness. Click here for ICARE study.

ICARE's intelligently-controlled, motor-assisted leg movements closely mimic the kinematic and electromyographic (EMG) patterns of walking. Noted in development studies, ICARE training can help individuals regain or retain the flexibility and strength required for walking, particularly if the muscle demands are customized to those with weakness during rehab. Special focus was applied during development to ensure the appropriate levels of assistance are available for individuals to accomplish the required repetitions, both with partial body weight support and motor control of the footplates.....Click here for more


ICARE is a affordable equipment that could be used to help people with physical disabilities and chronic.


Studied have prove that ICARE that closely emulated the demands of walking

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Relearn walkiing

ICARE training can help individuals regain or retain the flexibility and strength required for walking.


Stroke, Hip fracture, Traumatic brain injury, Amputation, Joint replacement, Parkinson's disease..etc


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